Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Look at all of of my china dogs which are all lined up on my pink shelf in my room. I started to collect them at Car Boot Fairs with my Mum . We get up really early on Saturday's to go to them. At the Boot Fairs there are a lot of stalls selling China dogs for about 50p or a £1 or maybe £2.00. I have got big dogs, small dogs.

My Lovely pretty flowers.
In a lovely Roman vase which we bought at an Antique Fair in Woodbridge.

Here is my lovely collection of the small and medium china dogs with a lot of character. I have also managed to find a Stanley dog.
(Lucky Me).

Hear are my two big dog's at the back one is a Sheep dog. The one next to it looks like it is saying " Water please" woof". The dogs in front are a pair I bought for a £1. The Mum is guarding her puppies.

My Grandma gave me this lovely fun looking china dog which she had for ages.
I really love this one specially, it looks really excited to get his food. And the green bird thought to itself " Hang on this is not water this is dog food yuck".

I love this china dog it looks so shiny and kind, it looks like it has had been washed with Pantene Ice shine shampoo . What I like about him is its face and his ears are so soft looking.

I picked up this dog in a Boot Fair and thought to myself this looks like a 1930's dog so I said to the people on the stall "I have this one please". So I asked them "How much is this dog" And they said "50p" so I Said "Yes". When I asked the people how much the dog was it reminded me of that song " How much is that doggy in the window I do hope that doggy is for sale woof".

Here they are again the one on the end is a Dulux dog which is on white paint pots.

This poodle is Russian. I just can't stop collecting and buying china dogs.

That is the End of my Adventure woof woof

Or in our language Thanks for reading.


Sunday, 6 September 2009


Look what I found in my green house on a cucumber plant: a really big cucumber shaped like a phone. '' Hello, can't hear you, speak up please" ..... "Could I take your order please". We go in our green house and pick what we would like to eat for our lunch. My word, what a lot of chopping I have to do. Got to go and chop my phone up for our salad. See you later.


Tuesday, 4 August 2009


This is my vegetable patch which I look after everyday weeding and watering.

I had a free packet of Joules carrot seeds with my Joules magazine. I pulled one of the carrots out to see how they were growing. This one is looking good.

My first crop of my tasty carrots. This was enough for three meals.

What a lovely colour, wow. There are plenty more where these came from.

Guess what I found hiding in the runner beans? (Click on pic)

A post by Emma

Wednesday, 29 July 2009


(Click on image to view full size)

Above is a collection of things that I would use to bring together a new vintage brooch design, there are ties, buckles, lace, ribbon and buttons.

I would start off with a buckle for the basis of my brooch, add lace and ties for the detail in the brooch.
this will then make a lovely shape that will bring the brooch together. I then would add the buttons on to make each brooch individual.

A selection of my brooches will be available for sale on my workshop shop link.

Friday, 24 July 2009


I thought you might like to see a picture of my creative table. This is where I design and make my necklaces and kilt pins. I like to collect lots of different styles of beads to make my work interesting.

On this picture you can see a kilt pin which is ready to join together. I have a special Bead Smith tray for laying out necklace designs. My china pot is full of beads, I bought it at the Aldeburgh Boot Fair.

On my rainbow tray I keep lots of tiny pots of interesting beads. I bought the pretty crochet cushion in a shop at Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight. We were trying to buy a house but didn't have much luck.

Lots of pretty beads and buttons.


I collect all sorts of bird items for my room, I even have Laura Ashley wallpaper with bright pink birds on. I love watching them in the garden. At the moment there are lots of Wagtails, every evening I watch a baby one being fed amongst the vegtables.

This Bluebird badge was inspired by a lovely embroidered Antique Cloth which my Nan and Grandad bought on a family trip to Snape Maltings. I have designed the image with the help of my Dad on the computer, and it has been made up into a 55mm badge by Big Dog Badges.
If you would like to buy a badge they are for sale on my workshop blog . or click on Emmas Bluebird Workshop link.

You will be able to find more information about my work and items for sale on my workshop blog.

Sunday, 19 July 2009


Hello and welcome to the first post on our blog. (you can click on pic for a closer look)

We are really excited to be starting a blog together. We thought it might be a nice idea to talk about how we designed our blog name.

We always aim to make sweet and unusual things, our jewellery has often been described by customers as 'sweet things'.
Also Emma loves to watch Zack and Cody and one of their sayings is "Hello sweet thing".
So that is how it all began.

We wanted a funky background for the title, so Emma made a whole page of squiggles using mum's pantone pens. The cookie cutter in photoshop came in handy to make the edges.

We love a mix of styles and decided to make up the letters by using bits and pieces from our work shop.

There is a collection of old and new, including a bit of printing using old wooden blocks which we bought in Snape Maltings Antique shop.
Heidi come up with the idea for the 'g'.
The 't' is part of an Antique Buckle which our Nan and Grandad bought for us. They send us parcels in the post stuffed with buttons and lace which they have collected in Antique shops.

Our favourite places to visit are 'Elizabeth's ' in Saxmundham for Beads, The Antique Fairs in Woodbridge, The vintage shop in Framlingham , Bijoux Beads online, Charity shops and the boot fairs Campsea Ashe and Aldeburgh.

We will be back soon to tell you more.