Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Look at all of of my china dogs which are all lined up on my pink shelf in my room. I started to collect them at Car Boot Fairs with my Mum . We get up really early on Saturday's to go to them. At the Boot Fairs there are a lot of stalls selling China dogs for about 50p or a £1 or maybe £2.00. I have got big dogs, small dogs.

My Lovely pretty flowers.
In a lovely Roman vase which we bought at an Antique Fair in Woodbridge.

Here is my lovely collection of the small and medium china dogs with a lot of character. I have also managed to find a Stanley dog.
(Lucky Me).

Hear are my two big dog's at the back one is a Sheep dog. The one next to it looks like it is saying " Water please" woof". The dogs in front are a pair I bought for a £1. The Mum is guarding her puppies.

My Grandma gave me this lovely fun looking china dog which she had for ages.
I really love this one specially, it looks really excited to get his food. And the green bird thought to itself " Hang on this is not water this is dog food yuck".

I love this china dog it looks so shiny and kind, it looks like it has had been washed with Pantene Ice shine shampoo . What I like about him is its face and his ears are so soft looking.

I picked up this dog in a Boot Fair and thought to myself this looks like a 1930's dog so I said to the people on the stall "I have this one please". So I asked them "How much is this dog" And they said "50p" so I Said "Yes". When I asked the people how much the dog was it reminded me of that song " How much is that doggy in the window I do hope that doggy is for sale woof".

Here they are again the one on the end is a Dulux dog which is on white paint pots.

This poodle is Russian. I just can't stop collecting and buying china dogs.

That is the End of my Adventure woof woof

Or in our language Thanks for reading.



  1. Lovely! I have a real Dulux dog. Gor a pic of him on one of my blog posts! Is that lamp a Laura Ashley one, its lovely! Suzie. xxx

  2. Cute! I like the one with the bowl - it reminds me of Lassie! I used to love that programme!

  3. Hello! I am new to your blog and loving what I see! I love your china dog collection. They are all beautiful! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  4. Hope you had fun at the Vintage and Contemporary Fair! It was lovely to meet you :D

  5. I love the collection :D Espcially the Yorkshire Terriers, after having two for many years, they are great little dogs.
    I'm also a fan of carboot rummaging, I love getting a new figurine/knick knack for the collection. Even better when it's a 50p+, like your finds :D

  6. Hi there! Great collection and lovely " group" photos, beautifully photographed.

    Also liking the "Sweet Things" Banner you have at the top at the moment, lots of good ideas.

  7. I love dogs but how come you find such lovely treasures and boot sales? Ours are normally just junk!

    My collection are anything Golden Retriever but all dogs have a place in my heart.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  8. Emma,
    I just found your blog and I love it! My brother and his wife have a Cav. King Charles Spaniel and a couple of your china dogs remind me of her! I will be back, your site is a lot of fun!

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  10. buttons, fabrics, a feast for the eyes! i love your collections. janet kusmierski