Sunday, 19 July 2009


Hello and welcome to the first post on our blog. (you can click on pic for a closer look)

We are really excited to be starting a blog together. We thought it might be a nice idea to talk about how we designed our blog name.

We always aim to make sweet and unusual things, our jewellery has often been described by customers as 'sweet things'.
Also Emma loves to watch Zack and Cody and one of their sayings is "Hello sweet thing".
So that is how it all began.

We wanted a funky background for the title, so Emma made a whole page of squiggles using mum's pantone pens. The cookie cutter in photoshop came in handy to make the edges.

We love a mix of styles and decided to make up the letters by using bits and pieces from our work shop.

There is a collection of old and new, including a bit of printing using old wooden blocks which we bought in Snape Maltings Antique shop.
Heidi come up with the idea for the 'g'.
The 't' is part of an Antique Buckle which our Nan and Grandad bought for us. They send us parcels in the post stuffed with buttons and lace which they have collected in Antique shops.

Our favourite places to visit are 'Elizabeth's ' in Saxmundham for Beads, The Antique Fairs in Woodbridge, The vintage shop in Framlingham , Bijoux Beads online, Charity shops and the boot fairs Campsea Ashe and Aldeburgh.

We will be back soon to tell you more.

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  1. Hi

    Glad you've jumped in. Can't wait to read and see more.

    Lisa x