Friday, 30 December 2011

*** Busy month***

Me and My Camel
Me and My mum were just walking around Wyevales minding our own business and suddenly around the corner there was a perculiar noise which sounded like it was not meant to be there. Me and my mum went around the corner and saw three big big big camels "Ou oh", they are not meant to be there. "Someone contact the manager please or colchester Zoo we have found three calmels which have run away"."Have No fear Emma's hear." Do not worry The camel family are not real they are christmas decorations and they were big and small. The most amazing too.

Vintage and Modern market
Click on the photo to have closer look.Here I am standing at my stall with the plants that we grow in our back graden. In this photo I am smiling because I'm trying to get into the spirit for when the customers come to take a look at what we sell at our stall. We had such a lovely busy day serving customers with sun booming down on us. The customers talked to us asking whether we grow the plants ourselves and whether they can grow in their gardens and their type of soil.

Ipswich Water Front View.

Click on the photo to have a closer look.
Wow what a fantastic view at Ipswich Water front. Do the boats look really wonderful on the clear water of Ipswich. Over in the distance the market looks really small and all of the people look like little bugs of colour.
Relaxing in the hot sun.
Phew what a hot day. I have been so busy I'm very hot and tried, so I,m having a relax in the garden chair amongst my big tree and all of my vegetables which I have been busy growing. The shed is crying out for some sun tan lotion because it has been baking in the hot sun all day. Phew "Do not just lay there while I bake fetch me some shade to cool down". Click on the photo to have a closer look.
Have a Good new year.

Monday, 30 May 2011


Emma holding her Dad's Army Painting up to give Bill Pertwee. Here I am at the Croft and Perry Day at Bressingham. You can see all of the fans in the background waiting for autographs. Bill Pertwee is one of the stars in Dad's Army in which he plays the character Warden Hodges the greengrocer

Emma Showing Bill Pertwee her painting which she did for him especially. The painting includes all of the Dad's Army cast and Jack Jones bucher van and also the Swallows bank where Mainwaring, Wilson and Private Pike work before they go on guard . I woke up one day and I had an idea for a panting. So I went upstairs and painted the image down on a blank piece of paper. Spent hours on sketching down all of the characters, bank and van. Then I painted all of the picture. I told Bill that this painting is for him to have to put on his wall. I explained all the detail in turn. The day was fantastic really good Sunny weather.

Signed: Sweet things (Emma)

Friday, 9 July 2010


Here I am standing in front of the Dad's Army statues lucky me. On Sunday 19th June 2010 my Mum took me to Bressingham near Diss to the Dad's Army day which we go to each year.
I am a huge fan of Dad's Army and on the day we got to meet some of the cast from Dad's Army. The cast members were Frank Williams who played the vicar, Pamela Cundell who played Mrs Fox, Jimmy Perry, David Croft Harold Snoad all who wrote the scripts and filmed the programs, found tha locations etc and also the film also Philip Madoc who played the German. They also had the cast of He -di- hi the cast members are Jeffrey Holland, Michael Knowles, David Web.
The green train which you can see in the photo is the train which all of the cast members arrived on. We were all allowed to stand near the fences and watch them all arrive on the train and introduce themselves as they came off the train.

Inside the tent that the cast members are in.

This is the marquee where Jeffrey Holland, Michaele Knowles, Philip Madoc, David Web Harold Snoad were signing autographs. We were only allowed to take two books into the tent at a time for them to sign. As we were standing in the queue waiting to get in to see them Bill Pertwee walked passed us. We got my Dad's Army Bag signed and also my Hi de hi book signed.

The Black and white horse with red and brown reins.

Look at this wonderful black and white Horse. The reins are to attach the Horse to the threshing machine. So when they harvest the hay the horse can help out.

The Thresher
The Thresher was one of the series of Dad's Army the one when Godfrey would like three day's holiday.The episode is called Harvest.

The Sweet Shop

In the Bressingham Museum there is a sweet shop which is still very old and on a special day they sell the old style sweets which are from the olden day's. I had strawberry gob stoppers.
The telephone box is from years ago. It is amazing after all of that time the phone box is still standing. The day was very nice to go to and we watched a stage show which a company did of Dad's Army the show was really good. We had a really busy day and we were really exhausted when we got back home.
We bumped into one of our fellow bloggers BoboBun which was a nice surprise.

Guess what this item is ?
If you guess right you can win one of my Blue Bird badges. It is not a fried egg in case you were wondering.

You all may wonder why I am always on this blog. This is the story of me the toy dog above. I am from Addenbrokes Hospital and I was really excited to see a finger pointing at me and someone saying"this one this one". Mum bought me and I have been with Emma for 3 years.

Have a lovely sunny read. This story will continue next time.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Chair printed tea cloths

These printed chair tea cloths are disigned by my Mum. We have chosen the different colors of the chairs like ,Pink, Light Blue, lime green and yellow. We rolled the tea cloths up to show customers how they will look in their kitchen . There are five tea cloths stacked up on the above photo. We had really good comments about all of our items.
People bought the tea cloths and said " My daughter will like this for her kitchen ".

Here I am helping with mums stall. I am wearing my Joules navy Blue Yellow boat top with my black polo
neck underneath.
In the photo above you will see mum's brid print and also here Ice - cream badges.
There are two pink baskets with badges in. And also here chair prints.
The table you can see in the photo is from Campsea Ashe boot Fair.

This is outside of the hall where there is plenty more stalls for customers to look around. The van you can see in the photo sells food and Drinks on there they have cakes in packets, coffee and tea also cold drinks. There was a stall which sold china dogs and vintage clothes on. There is a stall which have two men selling their records on which I bought two off for a great price £1.00 each wow how lucky was I to get a good bargain.

Woodbridge church.
This fantasic veiw of the chruch with the yellow patterned flag was from the hall window where our stall was.

Air show Bentwaters
My dad took me to my very first Air show which is at Bentwaters opposite us. The plane that you can see in the photo has got white smoke coming out of the back of the plane. The plane was going very fast in front off us, the smoke which came out looks like it is in a very straight line. The display lasted up to 1/2 hour. It was an amazing sight when me and dad saw the plane go in front of us,because it was really big in real life.
There where about 10.000 people at the Air show.

Jet plane.
This jet plane is getting ready for lift off for his display and I think that the plane was unawear that the jet was jetblasting hot gas and grit into the audience.
The jet as you can see in photo is a silvery color.
The jet dispaly is amazing to watch so we stood well back because the jet was going so fast.

The Bretling
Bretling was amazing when it went so high up into the sky with the smoke going in a straight line.

The Bi-plans was a fantastic display.
The aerobatics were really clever when the two ladies who are attached to the wings of the planes while they are in the sky. They where doing Aerobatics wow how clever I thought to my self.
Hold on tight.
Here are the Aerobatics landing.

The old war cars
Here is me standing by a old war track. Look behind you!
This is an old war time Spitfire in the camouflage colours.

Oh that is not a plane that is a smart car in army colours oopps!

The old fire engines
This is an old fire engine from 1930's.
This Fire engine is the one I would not mind driving.
The fire engine behind me is very old.
Big ears

The sea rescue Helicopter Display
Old American plane.

Get ready here I come!
The bi- plane display.
The G - AG JG
The G - IIIS
The G - BXJB

The W-N4712.
This plane looks like a toy plane and so amazing.
Wow what a long weekend, I am going to rest this week and recover from all of the excitement.
I now know what Bentwaters Air show is like and might go to the next one.

Saturday, 13 February 2010


I was reading my Beano comic one day and on the back
there was a Beano membership club which I asked my Mum whether I could join, she said, yes you can.
I filled in the paper and sent it to the Beano Club.
In 2 weeks time I received through the post this Beano bag which had a Dennis and Gnasher poster in, a pocket size magazine, flower trick and some other things.

I was so excited about the parcel I took the Beano club bag to school with my P.E clothes in. All off my friends Said "where did you get that bag from".

I told them and they said "lucky you".

The next day they all had a Beano comic and they were signing the back to try and get the same bag as me.

I started collecting these wonderful toys when I was small and my mum used take me to buy a happy meal from McDonalds. I saw them on an advert and I said " I must go and get a happy meal because I am a big fan of the Beano.

Here is my Dennis the Menace game and card collection.

Dennis and Gnasher.

The comic story with Dennis and Gnasher.

I did this one in black and white.

Meet Walter he is on Dennis and Gnashers most wanted list because he does not like him.
Dennis is inviting you to the beano party wow.

The Bash Street Kids!

They are all sitting on their page because they all are proud of their story.

My Beano comics Collection.

The Bash Street kids story.

Dennis story.

The Christmas Beano.

Dennis looks like he is reading the comic to his spider.

On the my chair you can see Dennis and Gnasher magazine and every week on the CBBC channel I watch them. I really like watching them beacuse they get up to a lot of mischief.

Dennis gets his revenge on Walter with the pink champagne.

Gnasher with blue mat

Meet the teacher. He is so happy because it is half term in Beano town and he will not have to go to school and teach. He can sit with his feet up and read the Beano.

Well Well Well that was some party it was a shame that the teacher put us all in detention when we got back to school. Dennis and Gnasher thought that Walter should not wear that red spot bow tie which spins around. They thought that it was funny to squirt him in the face with some pink champaign.
The other Beano characters had a really good time dancing and singing and playing jokes on people. We have got to go now because Sargeant Slipper is watching Dennis and Gnashers house and told his Mum and Dad about the party. And he was grounded for three weeks. He told his friend pie face and he was not that bothered because he was to busy eating the pork pies. That is enough menacing for now fans. Until next time keep reading.