Thursday, 7 January 2010


For my christmas present I got this lovely white colored 60's style record player with a radio tuned into the record player. Since then my mum let me have all of her old records from when she was a little girl and also when she was my age, records such us ABBA, Bay City Rollers and also Michael Jackson. They are really good to listen to .As you can see in the photo I am holding up one of my mum's old records out of her collection. The recored is called "The story of Babar" the story is read by Peter he is a really good story teller.

As you can see in the photo we had really deep snow and the wellies I am wearing are from the shop in Aldeburgh called Joules. I braved going out in to my back garden and I thought to myself that the snow is deep enough to start making a snowman, here you can see I am holding a snow ball up which I am going to roll up into the snow and make three snowmen out off. This is just the start of the process.

Meet Brussel which is my very first snowman which I made. It took me about 1 hour to make. Phew what hard work making the body to fit and also the head too. The pink hat he is wearing is my old one. I had an idea to put Brussels Sprouts for the eyes and a carrot for his nose and buttons. I may look happy in the photo but I was pulling a brave face because I was very cold.

The big snowman Sprout looks like he his waiting for more snow to come down. Meanwhile Brussel looks like he is thinking where did you come from.

China Dog.

A lady called Susan from the USA gave me this lovely beautiful shiny small china dog it has got a broken foot but I don't mind. I am not sure where to put him yet. The letter in the background of the photo is from Susan. The cloth is an antique cloth which we bought in a fair.

Meet my toy dog Danny woof and also his friend Snowy my other toy dog.
I got my toy dog from Addenbrookes and my sister bought me the other toy dog for a Christmas present. Danny looks like he is thinking "hurry up and take the photo" Snowy looks like she is asleep. In the photo I am stroking the toy dog.


When I said I wish that you were small I did not mean it.

London bag and Danny woof, my toy dogs Journey to london.

My toy dogs look like they are ready to take the train to London and get ready for the journey. The other toy dog looks like she is saying "get out of that bag at once woof" Danny is wondering where to go when he gets there whether to go to see Big Ben, catch the London bus, big wheel or take the taxi to London bridge, mmm. The bag is from the Cath Kidston website and it is called a lunch box bag and also a London bag. I went to Woodbridge the other day with the bag and people kept on looking at my bag . I went to get my Cath Kidston bag and I found my toy dog danny woof in there with a postcard and it had about where he has been. It said "I have been to London to see what all the fuss is about - woof".