Friday, 9 July 2010


Here I am standing in front of the Dad's Army statues lucky me. On Sunday 19th June 2010 my Mum took me to Bressingham near Diss to the Dad's Army day which we go to each year.
I am a huge fan of Dad's Army and on the day we got to meet some of the cast from Dad's Army. The cast members were Frank Williams who played the vicar, Pamela Cundell who played Mrs Fox, Jimmy Perry, David Croft Harold Snoad all who wrote the scripts and filmed the programs, found tha locations etc and also the film also Philip Madoc who played the German. They also had the cast of He -di- hi the cast members are Jeffrey Holland, Michael Knowles, David Web.
The green train which you can see in the photo is the train which all of the cast members arrived on. We were all allowed to stand near the fences and watch them all arrive on the train and introduce themselves as they came off the train.

Inside the tent that the cast members are in.

This is the marquee where Jeffrey Holland, Michaele Knowles, Philip Madoc, David Web Harold Snoad were signing autographs. We were only allowed to take two books into the tent at a time for them to sign. As we were standing in the queue waiting to get in to see them Bill Pertwee walked passed us. We got my Dad's Army Bag signed and also my Hi de hi book signed.

The Black and white horse with red and brown reins.

Look at this wonderful black and white Horse. The reins are to attach the Horse to the threshing machine. So when they harvest the hay the horse can help out.

The Thresher
The Thresher was one of the series of Dad's Army the one when Godfrey would like three day's holiday.The episode is called Harvest.

The Sweet Shop

In the Bressingham Museum there is a sweet shop which is still very old and on a special day they sell the old style sweets which are from the olden day's. I had strawberry gob stoppers.
The telephone box is from years ago. It is amazing after all of that time the phone box is still standing. The day was very nice to go to and we watched a stage show which a company did of Dad's Army the show was really good. We had a really busy day and we were really exhausted when we got back home.
We bumped into one of our fellow bloggers BoboBun which was a nice surprise.

Guess what this item is ?
If you guess right you can win one of my Blue Bird badges. It is not a fried egg in case you were wondering.

You all may wonder why I am always on this blog. This is the story of me the toy dog above. I am from Addenbrokes Hospital and I was really excited to see a finger pointing at me and someone saying"this one this one". Mum bought me and I have been with Emma for 3 years.

Have a lovely sunny read. This story will continue next time.


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  2. Nice post, I wish I was in the sweet shop trying new treats...