Monday, 30 May 2011


Emma holding her Dad's Army Painting up to give Bill Pertwee. Here I am at the Croft and Perry Day at Bressingham. You can see all of the fans in the background waiting for autographs. Bill Pertwee is one of the stars in Dad's Army in which he plays the character Warden Hodges the greengrocer

Emma Showing Bill Pertwee her painting which she did for him especially. The painting includes all of the Dad's Army cast and Jack Jones bucher van and also the Swallows bank where Mainwaring, Wilson and Private Pike work before they go on guard . I woke up one day and I had an idea for a panting. So I went upstairs and painted the image down on a blank piece of paper. Spent hours on sketching down all of the characters, bank and van. Then I painted all of the picture. I told Bill that this painting is for him to have to put on his wall. I explained all the detail in turn. The day was fantastic really good Sunny weather.

Signed: Sweet things (Emma)