Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Chair printed tea cloths

These printed chair tea cloths are disigned by my Mum. We have chosen the different colors of the chairs like ,Pink, Light Blue, lime green and yellow. We rolled the tea cloths up to show customers how they will look in their kitchen . There are five tea cloths stacked up on the above photo. We had really good comments about all of our items.
People bought the tea cloths and said " My daughter will like this for her kitchen ".

Here I am helping with mums stall. I am wearing my Joules navy Blue Yellow boat top with my black polo
neck underneath.
In the photo above you will see mum's brid print and also here Ice - cream badges.
There are two pink baskets with badges in. And also here chair prints.
The table you can see in the photo is from Campsea Ashe boot Fair.

This is outside of the hall where there is plenty more stalls for customers to look around. The van you can see in the photo sells food and Drinks on there they have cakes in packets, coffee and tea also cold drinks. There was a stall which sold china dogs and vintage clothes on. There is a stall which have two men selling their records on which I bought two off for a great price £1.00 each wow how lucky was I to get a good bargain.

Woodbridge church.
This fantasic veiw of the chruch with the yellow patterned flag was from the hall window where our stall was.

Air show Bentwaters
My dad took me to my very first Air show which is at Bentwaters opposite us. The plane that you can see in the photo has got white smoke coming out of the back of the plane. The plane was going very fast in front off us, the smoke which came out looks like it is in a very straight line. The display lasted up to 1/2 hour. It was an amazing sight when me and dad saw the plane go in front of us,because it was really big in real life.
There where about 10.000 people at the Air show.

Jet plane.
This jet plane is getting ready for lift off for his display and I think that the plane was unawear that the jet was jetblasting hot gas and grit into the audience.
The jet as you can see in photo is a silvery color.
The jet dispaly is amazing to watch so we stood well back because the jet was going so fast.

The Bretling
Bretling was amazing when it went so high up into the sky with the smoke going in a straight line.

The Bi-plans was a fantastic display.
The aerobatics were really clever when the two ladies who are attached to the wings of the planes while they are in the sky. They where doing Aerobatics wow how clever I thought to my self.
Hold on tight.
Here are the Aerobatics landing.

The old war cars
Here is me standing by a old war track. Look behind you!
This is an old war time Spitfire in the camouflage colours.

Oh that is not a plane that is a smart car in army colours oopps!

The old fire engines
This is an old fire engine from 1930's.
This Fire engine is the one I would not mind driving.
The fire engine behind me is very old.
Big ears

The sea rescue Helicopter Display
Old American plane.

Get ready here I come!
The bi- plane display.
The G - AG JG
The G - IIIS
The G - BXJB

The W-N4712.
This plane looks like a toy plane and so amazing.
Wow what a long weekend, I am going to rest this week and recover from all of the excitement.
I now know what Bentwaters Air show is like and might go to the next one.


  1. Ahhh shame I didn't get to meet you at the Woodbridge fair, it was so packed when I got inside that I couldn't get to most of the stalls. Airshow looks good, we did Woodbridge Sunday too so missed it. xx

  2. Hi! Fabulous photos of the air show! I've been to a few in my life, and my dad had a single engine plane in the 60's that we got to ride in as kids - lots of fun! My dad also did that bi-plane acrobatics as a teenager waaaay back in the 20's! If he were alive, he would be 100 - he was 20 years older than my mom!

    Glad you had fun at the fair - your mum is a talented artist!